Prepare Your House For Selling

Whether you are having an open house or having agents bring potential buyers, attention to how you showcase your house is important.

First impressions are lasting ones, and here are some ideas to help you prepare your house for selling.

Curb Appeal: Take a look at the front of your house keeping in mind that potential buyers are looking at it for the first time. Are the leaves raked? Is the grass cut and the flowerbeds looking cared for? Is there trim or steps that need painting or touched-up? Keep bikes and toys out of the driveway. The backyard is often the place where everyone relaxes, make it inviting with some flowers and trim bushes. Keep the yard maintained and garden tools put away.

Entrances and hallways: Clean windows and uncluttered areas make a good impression. People are often subjective when purchasing a house and their decision about your house is not based entirely on the potential of the house. So cleanliness, smell, lighting and having an uncluttered house is important.

Kitchens and bathrooms: Try to keep the counters clear and clean, the floors washed and empty garbage before any showings.

Go through the rest of the rooms in your house inspecting for needed touch-ups to trim, walls or floors. If areas need painting or doors need repairing or walls and windows need washing, do what needs to be done because all this helps to making your home appealing.

Showing your home: Now that your home is in good repair, clean and uncluttered you are ready for potential buyers. Open the curtains and turn on lights to make the viewing experience bright and cheery. It is a good idea to open windows and air the house to give it that fresh clean smell and eliminate any smoke, pet or strong food odours before the showing. Don’t use air fresheners as people may have allergies to them.